Massage Therapy

   Sessions are available in 75min - 90 min duration .  

   22+ years of experience to assist and support you, transcending pain and limitation....creating movement, in motion, health and divine well be-ing!   Relaxation and therapeutic sessions are available.  Medicines of Sound and Energetics are integrated within each session, creating a unique multidimensional and transformational experience!

Massage offered:

  • Therapeutic 

  • Relaxation

  • Hot Stone

  • Raindrop

  • Infant Massage Instruction

  • Cellular Massage= Sound Medicines


Benefits Massage Therapy offers: 

Physical :

  • relaxes the body

  • calms the nervous system

  • decreases blood pressure

  • calms the heart and breath

  • stretches connective tissue

  • reduces pain

  • improves red blood cell count

  • relieves tired and aching muscles

  • improves muscle tone

  • relieves cramped muscles

  • assists recovery rate from injury

  • reduces tension headaches

  • increases tissue metabolism

  • increases muscle health

  • increases range of motion

  • enhances elimination of metabolic waste

  • increases blood and lymph circulation

  • stimulates release of endorphins

  • strengthens immune system

  • reduces swelling

  • improves posture*improves skin tone                                                                                            

Mental/E-motional : 

  • reduces anxiety

  • enhances a feeling of well be-ing

  • enhances and stimulates emotional transformation

  • reduces stress

  • promotes quality sleep

  • improves productivity

  • offers mental relaxation*offers positive power of touch

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