& Be-ing


           Divine blue-print..

                      divine light!

                                   The Fibonacci Sequence facilitated

                             with ohm tuning forks .... a natural harmonic series based on the golden rectangle or mathematical sequence introduced by Swiss Mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci over 800 years ago.   The masculine represented by the rectangle and the feminine represented by the spiral.  The Fibonacci sequence uses the infinite nature of irrational numbers and demonstrates the characteristics and proportional rates between minor and major parts of the golden section.

     Ohm Fibonacci forks are used directly on the acupuncture points, activating the 8 extrordinary vessels used in Chinese Medicine.  This process combines knowledge and wisdoms of 3 great lineages; Egypt, Tibet and Peru.  This session is a be-light-filled free flowing dance between the practitioner, the recipient and the multidimensional frequencies of infinite possibilities .  These vibrational frequencies move the practitioner and client into the silence of all possibilities of creation.  It is at this meeting of the zero point (also referred to as the void), that re-patterning and change can truly be accessed.   The zero point/void,  is a space between; the space of stillness; the point of nothingness. 

     The Ohm Fibonacci Forks facilitate release and transformation of geometrical grids and vibrational patterns created through our beliefs, thought patterns, and habits, transcending and allowing creation of new on all levels of be-ing (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual).

     This session is offered as the recipient is fully clothed, lying comfortably on the massage table.  It is a very relaxing and peacefilled treatment!  

                        The Phi sequence facilitated

                            with water tuning forks...