Yoga and Sound Healing

          A Gentle Healing Journey..

                              Restorative Gentle Yoga & Sound!

                                          Magic and play...the souls way!









       Beautiful beings gathering to unite within their light! To further expand within their remembering and knowing of their soul being! An intimate space to experience the powerful union and integration of Sound, Light and Yoga Medicines. Conscious, live music is played throughout our time together, enhancing, supporting and transcending as we practice. Gentle and restorative yoga, balancing energies as the voices in song continuous in flow. Planetary gongs, didgeridoo, native flutes, drums , 2 Light Language facilitators, many crystal and tibetan singing bowls and more!! .. lifting and shifting...lightening and brightening! Each offering in alignment of collaboration within the presence of the moment and unique to those that gather! A gentle nourishing sound bath guiding and supporting a be-you-ti-filled, soulful yoga practice!

       We (Jolene, Joanna & Trevor) collaborate with yoga studios to bring this unique and powerful offering into their space as a 2 hr Yoga and Sound workshop.  

       Offering to the lives of many and amplifying the frequencies within the studio space.

       **Semi private and private Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing is offered in Ranchlands, NW Calgary..facilitated by Jolene Tse.  These intimate offerings allow for individual focus and attention.  The sound tools often call to be placed directly on the body singing and offering their voices in union with Language of Light, offering complimentary support within and beyond quantum.  Guided meditation, essential oils and scalp, hand and foot massage also integrated.  This offering is 1hr 30min.. 








Joanna Ng- Bio coming soon





                                                 Jolene Tse  

                                      An infinite desire and the voice within her soul, continually evolving...                                       connecting pieces of the divine multidimensional template has guided                                       within a journey into experiencing various teachings and courses of self                                     exploration, igniting and awareness of aspects of the soul self!  As Jolene                                   continues within a journey of Mastery, inner knowings, wisdoms and                                           learnings in the fields of Acutonics & Fibonacci Sound Sequence-Ohm &                                   Water;  Holosonics: Crystal/Alchemy & Tibetan Singing Bowls; Firewalking;                                   Gemstone & Ascended Master Aromatherapy; Massage Therapy                                                 (Relaxation, Therapeutic, Pre-Natal); Infant Massage Instruction; Millenium                                   Method; Traditional Native & Elemental Teachings; Sacred Rays of Light;                                       Sound & Vibration Reflexology; Usui & Karuna Reiki Master; Voice & Light                                     Language; Yuen Method; Zumba Fitness: Chakra Dance; Rainbow Yoga                                       Teacher for Family and Kids Yoga; Therapeutic Drum Facilitation;                                                 Restorative Yoga; Spring Forest QiGong are shared and offered in                                                 supporting the journey of soul expression and unified love.  Jolene offers                                   space and events for connection ..facilitators and those as recipients.

                                  CommUnity gatherings - Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath; Sound Bath                                     (Twin Flame Jolene & Trevor); QiSouga (Yoga, QiGong and Sound                                                 Medicines);  Galactic Symphony-Union of Light! 

                                             ...and individual sessions too!

                                                     ...wholeness...union within 



                                                   Trevor Uruski

                                        A sound based light worker since 2011 in Calgary and surrounding                                          areas, Trevor is an old soul with an awakened heart presence. Primarily                                      using the didgeridoo to transmit the healing awakened heart                                                      frequencies, his repertoire also includes native flutes, voice (throat                                              singing and light language,) as well as small and medium percussion                                          and other ambient and drone sounds. 


                                       Expansion within his love and support of the Beloved Community                                          transcends beyond sound work alone, Trevor also shares healing                                                energies through the ancient art of Qigong(Chee-gong) and an awakened                                    evolutionary financial service practice. Working to support the                                                    community in a more wholistic, just, equitable, ethical, and sustainable                                      way then has ever been done by the traditional industry. Thereby helping                                    evolve the industry to a more Love based version of itself befitti











               Spring Forest Qi Gong, Sound Medicines


                    Gentle Restorative Yoga Therapy 

     The rhythm of our breath...the heartbeat within the earth...the union within the cosmic heavens.  Gather in community with Monica Espinosa, Jolene Tse and lin Pearcy, as we collaborate a beautiful and gentle nourishing journey within the soul.  Exploration within breath, gentle yoga, energetics, qi gong  and sound medicines..all uniting in a loving flow.  A guided meditation to allow, release and receive.  Gentle yoga focusing on the support of those that gather and the inner stillness of qi gong.  High vibrational soundscapes to support and uplift throughout our time together.  Every cell in the physical body, every thought within the mind, and every breath of the soul, bathing in sound and vibrations to nourish and nurture.  Gentleness and love, flowing as the singing bowls, planetary gongs and other instruments sing in unifies support within this divine yoga offering.  Techniques and guidence for greater support and awareness.  A greater fulfillment of life and injoyment ..within!  Workshops (2hrs) offered.

*An aligned offering supporting those with specific challenges, seniors/elderly, those that are supported with being in wheelchair, special needs ect.  

     Connect with us to finetune an offering of support that is of and within aligment for you &/Or your groups needs/requirements.  Infinite blessings Jolene, Monica and Lin.




                                   Monica Espinosa

                                     Within every class there are individuals of varying fitness                                         capabilities and levels of fitness. Ensuring everyone can                                               participate in the exercises, stretches etc to their individual                                           advantage and to their own level is of utmost importance not                                       only for their safety, also their continued progress and                                                   enjoyment in living a fit and healthy life!

                                      My journey holds an infinite heartfilled passion within being of                                 service and working with children and seniors.  



                          * Zumba Fitness Instructor * Zumba Kids * Meditation *

             * Yoga Therapist (Flow & Restorative) * Barre * Spin and Strength (HIT,                         Metabolic Conditioning, Bootcamp, Core conditioning, Bosu blast, Tabata etc.) *                                                        * TRX Suspension Training *

                                                     Jolene Tse

                                          Wow, where to be-gin!  An incredibly amazing journey this life                                        has offered!  Being Mastery.. has been quite the experiences of                                            remembering ...the divine wholeness within me/within us and all                                          that  is! ..As we are One and allways have been!  My journey has                                          been experienced throughout the infinite ways creator has of                                              supporting and guiding in the remembrance of our infinitely                                                expansive and radiant light.  Moving through fears, and                                                          emotional frequencies other than love has not always been easy,                                        however, with the inner willingness and a supportive community                                          within and is with ease and grace that transcends the                                         old stories and limitations of the mind.  My offerings are an                                                 extension of my light within, a vessel of divine transmition to                                               flow.  My soul dances with divine joy and bliss to be in service                                            and in union with others in authenticity, integrity and sovereignty                                   ....collaborating and being one!


                                  * Registered and Lic. Massage Therapist *

                 * (Pre/Post Natal, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Hot Stone, Raindrop ) *

  *Infant Massage Instructor * Reflexology * Acutonics * Therapeutic Drum Facilitator * 

   * Fibonacci *Sound and Energy Facilitator * Meditation * Restorative Yoga Facilitator*

             * Family & Kids Yoga Facilitator * Spring Forest QiGong Faciltator *

                   * Language of Light Facilitator * The Galactic Symphony *

                                                   Lin Pearcy

-bio coming soon!






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