Sound Bath     

     Our body, mind and spirit utilizes the vibrations offered by the singing bowls in many, many ways.  The opportunity of healing, transforming and transcending is infinite!!  Limitations are those set by the hu-man.   As the saying "be the change you wish to see in the world", be-gins within you!  The singing bowls offer activation within supporting the "magical" transformation from within.  The high frequencies activate and the lower frequencies are calming.  The many overtones in-between creating bridge, dancing, nourishing and offering you infinite transformational opportUnities.

     Our universe is composed of vibrations.  Quantum physics explains how everything within our Youniverse is vibration.  Perception of vibrations(s) creates sound and light and your reality.  Vibrations are everywhere within you and around you!  Each sentient being is and has a unique vibrational signature.  When one experiences pain, dis-comfort or illness, it is our be-ing that is "out-of-harmony" with our highest light/highest consciousness.  An awareness that the resonance of our vibrations has shifted out of alignment and clearing or shifting is required if one chooses.

     Sound is youniversal and very powerful!  It is up to you, the recipient, on the depth that you choose to receive and allow.  And the layers you choose to surrender...the separations one chooses to transcend and transform.

Some benefits of resonance vibrations:

* shifting off old behavioural patterns, programming and

re-actions that no longer serve ones highest good

* cleansing and clearing of negative energy

* strengthening immune system

* neurological harmony and communication within the body (brain, organs, muscles, bones, hormones ect)

* enhancing creativity, energetic flow, intuition and motivation

* healing during/&/or after illness, suregery, did-ease, traumas, and invasive medical treatments

* deep relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit

* harmony & wholeness of  ones total being

     These benefits are just to name a few...  The vibrational frequencies offer support and a foundation of infinite healing opportUnities!  It is to heal and transform the relationship within ones self, in turn, transforming outter realities and relationships.

     Nourish and honour your body, mind and soul in profound "unseen" way!  Awaken your awareness of the expansive, infinite universe within you!!  Create your reality from vibrational foundation of love!! Be and live a loving life filled with peace , joy, laughter, compassion and freedom!!