...for individual and group offerings!

All individual sessions and group events/workshops are
are offered through:  Less Stress for Body, Mind and Soul Inc. 

#220-19 Royal Vista Link NW, Calgary AB.

**Direct Billing for all Insurance Companies available**

Individual Sessions:

* Massage Therapy (Relaxation/Therapeutic/Pregnancy)

* Raindrop Therapy

* Integrated Energy Massage (Union of any modalities within the session)

      -Massage Therapy, Sound Healing (Gongs, Singing Bowls, Drumming, Voice/Toning and more), Light Language, Essential oils, Relexology, Energetics (Usui/Karuna Reiki,Bars Access Consciousness,Intuitive Guidence)

* Heart and Mind Coherence-Key of Self Mastery (Access Bars, Language of Light, Voice & Planetary Gongs)

* Conscious Being-Returning Hohm! (Access Bars, Language of Light and Voice, Planetary Gongs, Phi OR Fibonacci Sound Session)

*Inward Journey Hohm! Facilitated by Trevor & Jolene

Monthly Events

* Surrendering Into The Heart - Guided Meditation & Sound Bath (Ages 8+)

* Breath of Stillness

* Divine Field of Love and Light - Sound Bath (Ages 12+)

* Qisouga (Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing, Spring Forest QiGong )



For inquiry or booking:

 Private Sound Healing Events with Jolene Tse &/or Trevor Uruski

* Yoga Studios

* Mothers Blessings/Baby Showers/Bridal Showers

* End of Life Celebration

* Family Healing/Transformational Support

* Retirement Home CommUnities

* Corporate gatherings/events


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