Medical Qi Gong, Sound Medicines


                           Restorative Yoga Therapy 



     Igniting the powerful connection of resources within you through integration of ancient practices! A safe and gentle space welcoming you to release and surrender into the practice of "feeling supported", "letting go", "loving & acceptance of self." Restorative poses, guided meditation, visualization, mindfulness and healing vibrational frequencies assisting and transforming within the deep levels of rest and relaxation.

     This integration of gentle practices and healing sound medicines help to regulate stress responses, re-balance our nervous system, boost our immune system, center your breath, calm the mind and so much more!!

Meet your facilitators:

Jolene Tse RMT, CR, CIMI, KM, URM

 Acutonics/Fibonacci & Phi, Yoga Instructor (Kids & Restorative),
Light Language Facilitator, Sound Healing Facilitator, Therapeutic Drumming Facilitator, Qisouga Facilitator, Sound Bath & Meditation

Joanna Ng Advanced Yoga Certification, Iyengar style, Anusara Inspired, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Critical Alignment Therapy, Early Childhood Educator, Light Language Facilitator, Gong Healing, Sound Healing Facilitator, Qisouga Facilitator, Sound Bath & Meditation