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Classes for Children & Youth

Being Love * Being Presence * Being an Example

      An inner exploration of self dis-covery flowing within the evolution of life.  Within a union of love, divinity and wholeness.  Presence.  The sovereign being. 

     Classes are created to nourish and support each evolutionary stage of life.  Development and growth within the creation and cycle of the hu-man.  The twists and turns, the ups and downs, the challenges and the wins as we be conscious creators within our own journey and that as a collective.  Being grounded, present, consciously aware and being the ever-infinite divine love, luminating from within.

The gifts of light and love through the ancients, the wisdoms and knowledge within.  Connections to our star lineage and the faith of creating new within the hu-man. 

Conscious facilitators sharing and being presence offering a space that the children can too experience themselves in their highest potential, seeing themselves and transitioning through their journey’s challenges/learnings.  The celebration of all that they are and are dis-covering themselves to be...precious are our children.  Luminaries of our future!

The benefits of these offerings are many!  From inner awareness and transformation to peace and calm.  These classes are intuitively and intention created with a foundation of love and whole being health and wealth.

     Half & Full Day Classes available.

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