...for individual and group offerings!

All individual sessions and group events/workshops are
are offered through:  Less Stress for Body, Mind and Soul Inc. 

#220-19 Royal Vista Link NW, Calgary AB.

**Direct Billing for all Insurance Companies available**

Individual Sessions:

* Massage Therapy (Relaxation/Therapeutic/Pregnancy)

* Raindrop Therapy

* Integrated Energy Massage (Union of any modalities within the session)

      -Massage Therapy, Sound Healing (Gongs, Singing Bowls, Drumming, Voice/Toning and more), Light Language, Essential oils, Relexology, Energetics (Usui/Karuna Reiki,Bars Access Consciousness,Intuitive Guidence)

* Heart and Mind Coherence-Key of Self Mastery (Access Bars, Language of Light, Voice & Planetary Gongs)

* Conscious Being-Returning Hohm! (Access Bars, Language of Light and Voice, Planetary Gongs, Phi OR Fibonacci Sound Session)

*21 Days to Soul Sovereignty


The purpose of this offering is to give you the tools and guidance to rapidly remove energetic and mental obstacles holding you back from expanding your life into positive, cohesive and forward moving momentum with ease. In order to get results it's time to make a commitment to yourself.


Jolene offers an expansive and completly unique array of tools supporting and expression her souls innate ability... Sound, Language of Light, Energetics,  Massage therapy, Reflexology.....integrative ....allways unique...


This package contains:

~ 3 sessions of 60 minute integrated healing massage and must be used within 21 days of purchase 

~ 1 Sound Bath group session



Weekly Gatherings

* QiGong & Gong Meditation 

* QiGong & Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation

* Restorative Yoga & the Power of yOur Voice

* Breath of Stillness

* Supportive Community Connections

Monthly Events

* Yin Yoga & Sound by Candlelight

* Sound Bath

Qisouga (QiGong, Sound Healing & Restorative Yoga)

For inquiry or booking:

 Private Sound Healing Events with Jolene Tse 

* Yoga Studios

* Mothers Blessings/Baby Showers/Bridal Showers

* End of Life Celebration

* Family Healing/Transformational Support

* Retirement Home CommUnities

* Corporate gatherings/events

*  Retreats


"Jolene is an authentic and very gifted light worker. Her love of healing is genuine and she is a true example of compassion, intuition,  and radiance. I highly recommend and encourage you to place your trust with this soul💖"~ Sandy M.