Alchemy of Modalities


We are all just walking each other home

~ Ram Das

Each session is unique and created with you in the moment of NOW!  An experiential integration of many aspects of the soul selfs divine mastery in being to remind you of all that you are!  Mirroring what you alread y know and are within!  Supporting with various modalities.. uniting, offering transcendence, wholeness in lumination and transformation.  Nourishing and supporting your body, mind, spirit and virtual as vibrations of grace, gentleness and love flow through,within and around you.  

The transformational alchemy of modalities expressing and facilitating source energy, are available and accessible to all... assisting within, alignment and multidimensional consciousness synchronization, activations, rememberings and knowings... faith, authenticity, truth, integrity, love of ones soul self....wholeness in totality... being!

* Massage Therapy Integration *  Sound and Vibration Reflexology *

* Fibonacci &/or Phi Sound Session * Sound, Light and Energetics Session     *

 * Sound Bath & Meditation *    

* QiSouga (Medicines of Qi Gong, Gentle yoga, Sound & Energetics)  *

* Gentle Restorative & Yin Yoga and Sound Bath * 

* Therapeutic Yoga and Sound Medicines *

* Inner Childlike Yoga and Play *

* Galactic Union of Light ~The Galactic Symphony *

  Awareness, shift  and transcend stress levels, headaches, injuries, patterns, cycles, beliefs that no longer align with your higer consicousnes........Allow yourself an experience transcending the structures,  challenges, dualities... frequencies of the 4th dimensional frequencies, ....gently supporting and guiding,  offering you opportUnity, an awakening of understanding, . . a re-membering of who you really are...your divine truth, divine source light..divine multidimensional, source consciousness!!! Each session is unique and is an experience....beyond the spoken word! 

Dis-cover, Be-gin feeling, thinking and life.... New Earth!