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"I Am Source expressing itself through creation. ..."

                                                                               - Elora

flower of life gold.jpg

I Am ...


  ...a beacon of light expressing my souls signature through music, voice and movement.  I AM the continuum of love flowing and illuminating as I be in evolution of Mastery within.  I AM the gifts of source/creator, offering  transformational flow and growth within what is formed as music.....the harmony, dissonance, love, and creator within expressing itself through this experiencial expression.  

     Empathy, compassion, understanding for one and all.  I AM freedom and allowing .  Letting go and creating space within and without for the grow to be and be experienced.  Voice to be heard, expressed and acknowledged.  Comfortability within the physical form.  Laughter and play the souls divine way!  

Piano Teacher * Vocalist * 


     Creation * Connection * Collaboration

                             Soul Expression

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