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" Sometimes wi just need a heart to listen..." `


 " I love you"

                ~ Nicole

I AM ...


..... grace, love and laughter.  The mother goddess of joy and playfulness.  In gratitude of being-ness.  

     I AM a gentle and loving teacher, empowering creativity and joy brought to light from the center of the heart.  

     I AM creativity through color that flows.  It is within a magical being of presence, assistting and guiding itself through flow and dance, voice in song.  I AM frequencies of healing and transfomational support through the extension of expression through Language of Light, love, sound, movement and dance.  Remembering and creating the fun of spirit, embodying the heart and soul essence.

                                               I  Am me, wi and all.

Raindrop Therapy Massage * Usui Reiki Master * Language of Light Facilitator * Energetics * Intuitive & Empath

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                             Soul Expression

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