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Personal 1-on-1 Sessions with Jolene Tse


Offering unique, integrative sessions.  Massage Therapy, Reflexology,

Sound & Vibrational Healing, Language of Light, Energetics and Intuitive....

my team of Light Beings and I meet you wherever you are at within your journey!


Soul Dis-covery * Health * Wealth * Healing * Haromony * *Transformation *
Conscious Awareness *  Creation

     The evolutionary opportunities for hu-manity to re-member and be the purity of divinity once again have been created! Yay! Soul Celebration!  The love of the cosmic heart has finally emerged as a collective, out weighing the shadow within and without.  As this transformational process continues, remembrances from within and moving into the unknown of the NEW..evolutionary expansion in consciousness within the presence of the whole and one; within this precious hu-man vehicle. Being Presence .. is this journey hohm...the twists and turns along the way, the ups and downs, the challenges and the wins as wi re-member, dis-cover and create consciously from within the cosmic heart....being grounded, present, consciously aware....and being the ever infinite divine cosmic love emanating from within.. the great void...ever infinite source!  The Sovereign Soul...


     Each session is uniquely created to support, enhance and  create space for whatever it is that source/spirit has guided the connection for....aspects of yourself that are ready to bring into union.  Honor, respect, compassion, integrity are present within each moment.

     Those of whom have had sessions with Jolene often have no linear words to describe their experience!  An open mind, open heart....allows for the magic of life to be experienced! 


Meet Jolene...

 "I dedicate my life to the Mastery of

being my brightest most radiant, divine loving soulight;

    Union and One...Magic, Miracles and Freedom

     And for those of whom dance within this earthly hu-man experiential journey;

     I offer gratitude and honor, support and love!"

                                   ~Jolene Tse

 Language of Light Facilitator & Conduit, Wisdom Keeper, Visionary & Creation, Sound & Energetics Facilitator, Fibonacci & Phi Sound Facilitator,  Crystal Tones Temple Keeper, Access Bars Consciousness, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Family & Kids Yoga Facilitator, Therapeutic Drumming Facilitator, Infant Massage Instructor, Reflexologist, Registered & Licensed Massage Therapist.


 Jolenes essence greets you with warmth and love of the cosmic heart.  Welcoming you into a safe and supportive space, allowing you to feel comfortable in surrendering into the frequencies of relaxation and inner transformation.  Her gentle, divine loving presence allowing for trust and multidimensional access... peeling away layers of  challenges, issues, cycles, behavioral patterns, trauma imprints, depression, anxiety ...whatever no longer serves you.

     Jolene has a wealth of multidimensional tools, offering you multidimensional support as you journey within this evolutionary time of change; as wi continue to evolve and embody wholeness... oneness within being... divinity.  

     She integrates her wisdoms and knowledge, innate abilities and extra-sensory perceptions to see, hear and feel  beyond the superficial presentation.  Jolene flows as a conduit for the divine guidance of your highest self and the supporting light beings of whom gather to communicate and assist.  

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