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Light-Body Language of One

Integrative * Inner-Dimensional * Transformational

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Breath * Sound/Frequency * Voice 

Qi Gong * Gentle Yoga


                    Gentle * Supportive * Multi-dimensionality

                                           Language of LIght


     Feeling supported within this life's journey begins within...

Conscious expansion, remembering and knowing of the soul being!

     An intimate space to experience the powerful union and integration of Sound/Frequency, Light, QiGong and  Yoga Medicines. Creation expressing itself through live music during our time together.  Enhancing, supporting and transcending as wi practice. Balancing, shifting, nourishing, nurturing and restoring.  Voices in song... frequencies of light and healing, in service and flow. Planetary gongs, drums , Light Language facilitators, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and more!!

     The flow of Sound and Language of Light enhances and offers deep soul resonance.  Quantum Physics and Cymatics   explains the powerful opportunities of healing and transformation sound/frequency offer. 

     The superpower of Our voice.  The number One healing tool wi have.   Explore and honor your voice as wi hum, tone and share in song together.

     Qi Gong "Working with the Energy of Life."  An ancient practice of self healing offering health and longevity.  Gentle and powerful flow of exercises integrating breath, slow movement and visualization.  Qi Gong offers shifting, clearing within the meridians of the body, affecting the wholeness of function, health and presence in the body, mind, soul union

     Restorative yoga is a gentle, calming, slow style of yoga practice.  Yogis are invited to be 100% comfortable, surrendering deeply into ones conscious self and the asanas (poses).  Props are used to deepen and enhance this deeply experienced practice of surrender and letting go.. to trust, to feel, to become consciously aware of the vastness that has always be present within.  The wholeness union.  Relaxing within the long, passive holds of 4-6 poses.  Stillness.  Total relaxation and release. 

Lifting and shifting...lightening and brightening.. transmuting layers and densities. 

     Alignment of collaboration within the presence of now.  Unique to those that gather! A gentle nourishing sound bath, guiding and supporting a be-you-ti-filled, soulful yoga practice!


*Deep physical body relaxation.

*Stillness of a busy mind.

*Balances the Nervous System.

*Boosts the Immune System.

*Releases muscular tension= increasing movement capability and flexibility.

*Expansion within the space and opportunities for healing and balancing.

*Creates opportunities for self realizations of compassion and gentleness of understandings of and within ones self, flowing into relationships within all of life and creation.

*Activation, balance and expansion within the 13 chakra system and light bodies ( aura).



Facilitators:  Jolene Tse & Nicole Kimpton

Mondays Bi-Weekly in-person


Family Classes Ages 10+

May 9, 30, 2022

Julne 13, 27, 2022.

July 11, 25, 2022.


Ages 10-15 $25.00/pp/class

Ages 16-up $44..00/pp/class

Loc: Riversong, Cochrane, AB, Canada

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