About Us

Warmth and light-filled loving presence welcomes you!  Wherever you and wi are, wherever you and wi be within this life's journey.  Opportunity to access the infinite and the vastness of yOurselves, the precious hu-man. 

 Expansion and Union calling forth.. the inner journey of self dis-covery, self love and self evolution;

 The highest greatest version that is already you...  

To be seen, heard and loved.  

Soul.  Spirit.  In-body.  Breath.

Language of Light.

I AM.  Wi are.

Source.  Creator/Creatrix

Conscious, fun, collaborative, playfilled, expansive gatherings to ignite that within you that is ready to be seen, heard, felt and loved.  Remembering your light, remembering you as love,  the path of mastery.  The Creator that is and always has been within.  All offerings intuitively flow in resonance for and with those that gather. 

Each offering unique.  Love and laughter.  Lightness.

   All are welcome. 

Children * Youth * Adults

Weekly & Monthly * CommUnity Gatherings * Retreats * Workshops

Art * Music * Movement 

Sound Healing * Therapeutic Drumming 

Yoga * Qi Gong * Alchemy Sound Bath 

Light-Body Language of One

1-on-1 sessions also available.  In-person and online.

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      Our Clients... Our Family          * * * * * *Connection * CommUnity *
*Collaborative Creation * Transformation *
*Soulful Divine Love*

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