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                                    " Empowering and inspiring all of whom unite within our                                            journey! Supporting and offering experiential exploration... the                                      infinite opportunities of greatness that already exists within. 

                                      Embodying the totality within and beyond...                                                         wholeness within being...supporting though modalities, practices,                                   wisdom and knowledge."

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  • Yantara Jiro
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Sandy Mulroy

Solar Power Health, Calgary,  AB

Jolene is an authentic and very gifted light worker. Her love of healing is genuine and she is a true example of compassion, intuition,  and radiance. I highly recommend and encourage you to place your trust with this soul💖

Trevor Uruski

Evolutionary Finance by Trevor, Calgary, AB

The breath of the soundscapes is amazing and the heart-beauty and purity of the vibrations is such sweetness!

Jessica LeBlanc

Lucent Festival

Embodied Adventure, Calgary, AB

The feedback has been over the moon for the Galactic Symphony performance!  Rave reviews!  I value you so much!  Thankyou for everything and again I know now the magnitutde and  power of your offering and will absoulutely provide more space for it at the next festival.  Much love and light!

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